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Meeting special demands


The challenge of continuous improvement in all areas has been a driving force for Erik Olssons Mekaniska since 1880. It is a tradition that we value highly. Contact us if you are looking for a supplier who is capable of handling advanced assignments, large work pieces, complete solutions and high quality requirements. Certification to ISO 9001:2000 is the latest step in our continuous striving for the highest possible quality.

Erik Olssons Mekaniska has around 40 highly motivated and trained employees.

Personal service
We like to build long-lasting business relationships with our customers. We therefore work hard to meet and exceed their expectations. As a small, privately owned company we have the best opportunities to be versatile and flexible.

Extensive technical expertise
Although parts for particle accelerators and similarly advanced components are not our main products, we are proud to have the necessary expertise and be entrusted with such work. Tasks like these also mean that we become even more proficient at our more routine assignments.

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